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Owning and Caring for an Andrew Cooper Original Artwork

Owning and Caring for an Andrew Cooper Original Artwork

  • Andrew Cooper

A well maintained painting will fetch a higher price than one that is damaged or faded. The most common ways a painting gets destroyed is with water damage, direct sunlight, and physical damage.

An Andrew Cooper original canvas is first primed before applying paint. Once the painting is finished, a sealant or finish is applied to protect the painting from extremes in temperature or humidity. It also provides a layer than can be cleaned, rather than trying to remove dust particles ingrained in the paint layer.

However there is only so much the artist can do to ensure your painting is protected. The rest is up to you. The Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute suggests you consider the following when deciding where to hang your paintings.

  • Keep original artworks out of direct sunlight
  • Fluorescent lighting is just as bad as sunlight as it gives off ultra violet light. Therefore avoid hanging your paintings directly underneath these lights for long periods of time. Most museums filter UV from light sources and reduce light exposure by limiting the number of hours art is illuminated.
  • Choose a wall that is free of damp to hang your painting. You want to avoid the air trapped behind the painting from becoming humid and causing mould to grow in the form of black spots.
  • To avoid physical damage while hanging your artworks appoint experts who specialise in hanging paintings. Appropriate sized, sturdy hardware should be used when hanging any painting. Wall hooks should be driven into the wall studs for maximum stability. Large, heavy paintings should also have the proper wall anchor. Also consider mounting a bracket under the painting to help bear its weight.
  • Don’t ever attempt to clean the surface by using solvents or cleaning products of any kind. Water is also not a good idea.
  • Either use compressed air in a can to blow away dust or lightly brush the surface with a dry soft sable brush.
  • However, rather seek out professional services to minimize any risk of damage to the painting.

Taking good care of your painting today will ensure it’s appreciated for many years to come.

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