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Cape Town Interior Designer's Guide To Framing Artwork

Cape Town Interior Designer's Guide To Framing Artwork

  • Andrew Cooper

Cape Town contemporary artist, Andrew Cooper benefits both from having his breathtaking landscape and seascape paintings displayed in his home, and the advice of a qualified interior decorator to help with framing and displaying them beautifully.
Cooper’s right-hand lady, Helena Stuart-Cloete, is an interior decorator with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design. She’s understands what is required to make a painting shine whether it’s on the wall at home or in the office.

  • Traditional or modern framing? Let the actual artwork dictate the framing style you choose.
  • Art framing trends have moved away from bright gold frames so for a more modern look, consider re-colouring your frame. 
  • Never compromise on the quality of frame you choose when investing in original artwork. Framing can be costly, so it’s essential you prioritise what you’d like to frame.
  • You don’t need to frame everything. Some large canvasses look great by themselves especially if the stretcher is wider than normal like 50mm and printed with a border colour which finishes off the 50mm return beautifully.
  • Consider the profile of the frame as well as the colour to best compliment the tones and light used in a painting. For example a custom hand-finished frame best captures subtle nuances in a painting.

When displaying artwork collectively, take into account the style and colour of each frame. E.g silver and gold frames close together don’t often work. Medium to dark wood frames compliment silver, gold and bronze frames as well as those with a whitewash finish. Light wood frames look good with silver and white. Black and silver frames together make a bold statement.
Remember, framing is just as important as positioning your artwork. The goal is to get the most out of your art investment as possible.

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